HYPERCAT New Generation Stain Developer

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Stock Solution A
Propylene glycol 75 ml
Ascorbic acid 0.5 g
Catechol 10 g
Propylene glycol to make 100 ml
Stock Solution B
Distilled water 750 ml
Sodium Carbonate 200 g
Distilled water to make 1 L

Mixing instructions: Add chemicals in specified sequence.

Dilution: 1+10+100

Starting point development time: 5-7 mins.

Notes: Dilute up to 1+20+500 for longer development times, and increased edge effects

510-Pyro and Hypercat are highly concentrated acutance developers, designed specifically for use with their respective solvents. Both developers produce very fine grain, and full film speed, are suitable for all films and formats, and all development methods, including rotary processing. Any practical development time can be used by adjusting the developer dilution. Both developers are very clean working, producing very low fog, even when developing to the high density ranges required for UV processes. TEA and glycol concentrates are easily and accurately measured and dispensed with a measuring syringe.3ml, 6ml, and 25ml syringes cover a very wide range of dilutions and working solutions. Since these developers are so concentrated, small variations in dilution make no practical difference in the performance of the working solution, so it is perfectly acceptable to simply add the required volume of concentrate to the total volume of water. In other words, if one wishes to make up one liter of a 1:100 dilution of 510-Pyro, one can simply add 10ml of concentrate to 1 liter of water.

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