Maxim Muirs Blue-Black Derivate by Bill Laut (paper)

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Water (125F) 750.0ml Sodium Sulfite 180.0g Hydroquinone 53.0g Phenidone 2.2g Benzotriazole 1.5g Sodium Hydroxide 35.0g Water to make 1.0L


Troppo costoso. La preparazione e lunga e la quantità di chimici usati e veramente notevole, il risultato e stato solo discreto quindi in rapporto alla fatica non vale molto la pena utilizzarlo.


You will have trouble getting all the chemicals to go into solution prior to adding the Hydroxide. This is normal. Allow the developer to cool to room temperature before adding the alkali, and then when adding it be certain to do with constant stirring. As the Hydroxide goes into the solution, it will cause the other chemicals to finish dissolving. To use, dilute KD 1:5 with water for normal use. For less dramatic tones, you can dilute up to 1:15. Develop for at least two full minutes. Ferri will not work like Potassium dichromate as the dichromate is an intensifier, working on the dark areas of the print. It will bleach the whole print but only the darks will darken upon redevelopment. You can repeat the process for further intensification, and, also use a high contrast developer to acheive blue/black tones. However, you can use Ferri and then redevelop prints, too. Tim Rudman was the inspiration and source of bleaching/redeveloping techniques like the dichromate. His book, The Photographers Master Printing Course is full of useful information. No, I dont get any kickbacks from Tim, but, maybe hell send me an autographed copy of his forthcoming book on Lith Printing!!

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